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SWM300 Single Twist Packing Machine

SWM300 Single Twist Packing Machine is designed for high speed packing hard candy, milk candy & chocolate into single twist style.Machine wrapping speed upto 350 per minute, depending on product. Machine of modern design, easy to clean and easy for maintenance. Fitted with double brush feed plate system, double paper feed reel holder for inner wrap or speedy change over of reels, air assisted paper feed system.


1.100% packing rate, no empty bag;

2. Feeding plate equipped with feed device, can be equipped with auto hopper;

3. One or two layers of packing material;

4. Sick photocell automatic tracking(optional);

5. Automatic belt feeding model is available;

Standard Specifications

1. Speed: up to 350 Packs/Minute;

2. Product Size(mm): 16-30(L) x 16-28(W) x 6-20(H);

3. Voltage: 380 V, 3P;

4. Total power: 2.5KW;

5. Dimensions (mm): 2400X1600X1800;

6. Wrapping material: Cellophane, PVC, PP, Waxed paper, complex material etc.

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