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FWM500-B Cut and Flow Wrapper

FWM500B Cut and Flow Wrapper is used for packing gum, soft candy or hard candy.Small compact machine which consists of two sets of vertical rope forming wheels for either round, square, oblong & flat section profile pieces. The pieces are automatically cut with nipper knives, transported along a transport conveyor as a flowpack, giving speeds of upto 350 packs per minute.


1. Microcomputer controller system automatically, Frequency-converting;

2. Cutting and horizontal packing together;

3. Linking automatically, increased efficiency and sanitary situation;

4. High precision, high tightness,high stability.

Standard Specifications

1. Speed: up to 350 packs/min;

2. Bag Length: 20-40/40-80/80-160mm;

    Bag width: 12-20mm(Dia.8-13mm);

    Bag Height: 3-18mm;

3. Shape: cylindrical,rectangle,square and so on.

4. Voltage: 220V.

5. Power: 2.2KW.

6. Overall size: 2250x900x1550mm;

7. Weight: 1250kg;

8. Wrapping Material:CPP/PET CPP/BOPP.

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