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FWL350 Top Seal Flow Wrapper

FWL350 Inverted Flow Wrapper can pack loose, irregular, stick type product packing, such as vegetables, steamed dumpling, ice-bar, meat, hardware, food, bakery, confectionery, dairy, fresh produce, egg roll, sausage, squid, bread, moon-cake, instant noodles, preserved fruit, jelly candy, toilet soap, pocket notebook, box pen, sticky tape, pharmaceutical, and so on. The machine‘s inverted film path gently transports the product directly onto the film from the former through the cutting head, greatly reducing jams and ensuring superior package appearance.


1. Computer Controller System, the photoelectric detection and bi-directional tracking, which can eliminate the error of packing and reduce the waste of packing film and raw materials.

2. Adopt bottom feeding film to packaging, the machine body can be cleaned by water.

3. Intelligent Temperature System, Intuitive display, easy for setting, accurate temperature.

4. High-speed, high efficiency, stable operation, low breakdown, easy maintenance etc.

5. Date printer, automatic punching device, falling device, Nitrogen filling device, Stainless steel version can be available.

Standard Specifications

1. Bag Length: 70-360mm;

2. Film Width: up to 360mm;

3. Product Height: up to 65mm;

4. Pack Speed: 25-280 bags/min;

5. Voltage: 220V, 50Hz;

6. Total Power: 2.5KW;

7. Dimension (mm): 3900 x 920 x 1300;

8. Machine Weight: 600kg;

9. Wrapping Material: CPP/PET CPP/BOPP.

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