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FWM500 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

FWM500 Horizontal Flow Wrapper suitable for the wrapping of the solid goods with regular shape, such as Biscuit, Chocolate, long shape candy, Bread, Instant noodles, waster ice, ice cream, Moon cake, medicine, Commodity, knife and fork, Hardware etc. Machine has a speed of 20 to 200 wraps per minute although this machine is usually hand fed and runs at lower speeds the machine can be fitted with various automatic feeds such as, magazine, vibration bowl and auto push feed, cross belt feed etc.


1. Logical structure of machine, Stable performance, and Easy operation.

2. High accuracy photoelectric tracking system. Adopt high quality Encoder and the first bag will be tracked.

3. When machine stops, Horizontal Sealing Cutter angle can be set freely, Vertical Sealing Wheel open automatically, so that no product is scaled by high temperature.

4. Special designed Bag Forming Device can be fast adjusted to fit different sizes of different products.

5. Lifting Horizontal Sealing Device, convenient to adjust to get beautiful sealing.

6. Passive Paper Pulling Device can freely adjust the tightness of the packaging.

Standard Specifications

1. Speed: up to 200packs/Min.

2. Size (mm): 90-460mm.

3. Voltage: 220V, 50Hz.

4. Total Power: 3.0KW.

5. Dimensions: 3800x1150x1500mm.

6. Machine Weight: 1000 kg.

7. Wrapping Material: CPP/PET CPP/BOPP.

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