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SWP150 Lollipop Packaging Machine

SWP150 Lollipop Packaging Machine is designed for high speed packing lollipop into single twist style. Frequency converter for speed adjustment, PLC control system is used on the machine; Parameter setting and paper cutting adjustment is achieved by operator-machine interface. It is of the function of automatic running and compensating, twisting and healing of paper as well as parameter display during running.


1. Automatic arrangement, reduce manual.

2. Supper big feeding plate, low empty bag.

3. Stable operation, operation and maintenance easy.

4. lt adopts micro-computer control, color mark automatic tracking.

Standard Specifications

1. Speed: up to 150 packs/Min;

2. Packing film size: 125x125mm;

3. Product size: Diameter22-30mm;

4. Voltage: 380V,3P; Power:2.2kw;

5. Overall size: 2500x920x1520mm;

6. Weight: 1200kgs;

7. Wrapping Material: CPP/PET CPP/BOPP.

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