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What packing machine would best meet your needs?
What accessories are available for improving productivity?
What type of packaging and what packing speed is the right choice for your project?

For over 10 years, BAFU has been serving customers with total packing solutions. The field experience gives our sale engineers a rare ability in helping you choose the most appropriate packing machine, and plan the best packing solution for your production in a cost-efficient manner.

We carry genuine, original spare parts in China for our Flow Wrappers, Double Twist Packing Machines, Chocolate Packing Machines, Aligner Feeder.These are available for despatch on a same day or overnight courier service.

We also can provide genuine spare parts for worldwide users of all other manufacturers's Flow Wrappers, Twist Wrappers,Chocolate Wrapping Machine, Aligner Feeder etc.

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